The “Little Joe” ® wiper tape was developed at the request of a family member. Joe worked as a tank gauger for many years in oil fields around Big Spring in West Texas.


During WWII, Joe ran landing craft onto the beaches of islands in the South Pacific. Back in Texas, Joe was a History teacher by trade but he chose to be an oil field gauger to make a better life for his family. Joe had been around the block and as a gauger he knew “There had to be a better way….”


Joe’s brother-in-law, Carl was an Engineer and Designer. Carl spent WWII in an aircraft factory making dies and fixtures used to fabricate parts for the Liberator bomber. Between Joe and Carl, there was not much they didn’t know. Together they worked out a “better way”.


The “better way” was a completely new concept that solved a gaugers tape control and wiping problems making Joe’s job easier. This innovative new device, was dubbed “Little Joe”® in honor of the inspiration and insight of Joe the gauger.


Joe thought his fellow gaugers also needed the “better way” and a partnership was formed to build and sell the “Little Joe” ® Wiper.


Over the next several years, the popularity of the “Little Joe”® Wiper spread from Big Spring, Texas to oil fields around the nation. Now, for over 69 years our “Little Joe”® Wiper is firmly established as the Industry Standard around the world.